Village Survey September 2021

You may recall that the Survey had a comments section where residents were able to add comments about any issues they felt needed to be highlighted to the council. This was an open section with no pre-structured format to allow people to add items in their own words. This is great to get direct feedback from residents but it does present an issue for the council as they only have limited resources to go through each point and give replies and updates on the issue raised.
The council understands the value of responding to residents’ comments as it will give them a better understanding of what the council has control of and where our working partners need to respond to issues raised.
The team are working through the list adding details of any action that’s been taken or intended action; but as you will appreciate it does take time and hope you will bear with us.

The spreadsheet below is a working document and will be updated as the comments are worked through and responses are received  from our working partners. 

The results

You are able to filter the information By :

  • Committee
    • Comments have been allocated to one of the HPC committee’s for control and updates. 
  • Major Theme:
    • Select a common theme
  • Sub Theme:
    • Select a narrow sub theme 


  • Referred to Others Tab
    • This tab shows which of our working partners your comment has been referred to.  

Why not join HPC email list?

HPC has decided to compile a list of residences who are happy to receive information directly from the Council. This method of contact will only be used to provide information the Council feels will be of interest or where the Council is requesting information on a decision they are considering.