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Village Fun Run 2018

The event will be free to enter, and is open to runners of all abilities, including joggers, family groups, general exercisers and strollers. The clue is in the name; this is a Fun Run! Marshall’s Arm Local Nature Reserve will host 3K and 5K routes, while a more relaxed 1K route, for young children, will be staged at Hartford Manor Primary School. Registration will commence at We are the champions! Peter, Karen and Steve try out the three pieces of outdoor gym equipment at Grange Park. They are, from left to right, a spinning bicycle, a hydraulic squat and a hydraulic chest press. 10:00 am, with runners setting off after 11:15 am. With safety in mind, all routes have been designed to stay away from local roads.

Should you feel the need to prepare for the event, you could make use of our outdoor gym equipment, recently installed at Grange Park. The procurement and installation of the equipment was jointly undertaken by the Parish Council and Hartford Civic Society.

The equipment is designed to cater for all sections of the community and promote the physical benefits of outdoor exercise. It is suitable for adults young and old. Each of the three pieces of equipment, which has been built and installed by Proludic Sport, has been carefully selected. They provide a range of health and exercise benefits, including upper and lower body exercises, and cardiovascular exercise. They can be adjusted to cater for users with differing levels of fitness.

Entertainment will include a Samba Band, provided by Hartford Church of England High School!