Project Title: 

Youth Engagement & Provision


Project Aims:

To provide suitable youth provision for young people aged 11-18 years in the Hartford Community


  1. To work with the young people (aged 11-18 years) within our Hartford community to identify youth provision
  2. Select options for consideration and identify costs to provide
  3. Identify funding sources
  4. Establish preferred options and business case to design, procure and install the facility(ies)
  5. Take recommendations to Hartford Parish Council for agreement
  6. Work with young people to design and implement the final plans with support of appropriate experts and advisers
  7. Develop project management plan to deliver the facilities to ensure appropriate ownership, maintenance, environmental considerations and sustainability
  8. Achieve the following outcomes for young people:
    1. Identify and draw on lessons learned with examples of good practice from other similar projects
    2. Encourage positive engagement with the local community
    3. Increase a sense of ownership and responsibility
    4. Demonstrate a commitment to the future of the local young people
    5. Engage young people in the development of local youth provision
    6. Provide a safe and popular facility / provision for a variety of ages within the scope of this project
    7. Develop a communications strategy that encourages all age groups to recognise the valuable contribution this project will achieve for the community

Project Team:

  • Cllr Olivia Newey, Hartford Parish Council
  • Cllr George Garbett, Hartford Parish Council
  • Cllr Patricia Parkes, Cheshire West & Chester Council
  • Cllr Phil Herbert, Cheshire West & Chester Council
  • Lydia Naylor, Deputy Head Teacher, Hartford Church of England High School
  • Dominic Johnson, Assistant Head Teacher, St Nicholas Catholic High School
  • Ashley Costello, The Resilient Kid
  • Sam Newey
  • Dave Dowling
  • PC Dan Lee, Cheshire Constabulary
  • PCSO Gabs Pike, Cheshire Constabulary

Project Location:

Hartford Parish

  • Online Working Group, Hartford, Cheshire

Project Details:

  • Hartford Parish Council formed a Working Group, involving 2 Councillors, to identify the need for Youth  Engagement & Provision in Hartford, seek agreement from Hartford Parish Council, and implement plans for Engagement & Provision.
  • Interested parties were invited into the Working Group, as listed above.
  • The group agreed a plan to work together, with the young people of Hartford, to identify what provision they would like, identify funding sources and make a plan to take to Hartford Parish Council for agreement.

Barriers to progress:

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: May 2021

Estimated completion date: Unknown at this stage. 

Status: Ongoing