Project Title: 

Play Provision 

Project Aims:

To develop and maintain play areas appropriately for the children of Hartford

Project Team:

Parish Councillors
Hannah Graham; George Garbett.

Project Location:

Hartford Parish

  • Leese Park
  • Stones Manor Lane
    • through online consultation

Project Details:

Work has been completed to update Grange Park play area, with maintenance ongoing.

Hartford Parish Council is consulting with local residents to Leese Park, to agree plans for improvement for the play area.  The work will need to go out to tender before the costs and plans can be taken to Hartford Parish Council for agreement.  At this point we will look to press forward with authorised work.

Hartford Parish Council has sent a Business Plan and application to take over ownership of Stones Manor play area. We await the results, but hope to move to resident consultation on that play area if ownership is transferred.

Barriers to progress:

Unfortunately this has been delayed by the Covid pandemic, as with most things.  However we are pleased to say the momentum is picking up again.

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: May 2021

Estimated completion date: Dec 21

Status: Completed 


Over the last couple of years Hartford Parish Council have invested a sizeable amount of money to develop the play area at Grange Park on Bradburns Lane. Whilst we continue to do work to maintain this, our focus has been moving towards Leese Park, between Parker Avenue and Hodge Lane. Hartford Parish Council have been working with interested residents in the area, to draw up a plan to improve the play area there.  

Leese Park 

Local residents will soon receive a Consultation Paper, which will also be emailed out to residents already working with us.  We will be collating email responses and arranging a further online meeting to receive all feedback ready to move forward.  Once the format is agreed, because the overall cost will exceed the threshold, we will need to launch a tender process and identify sources of funding.  On conclusion of this, with an identified contractor, we can seek approval from Hartford Parish Council for the expenditure, and move forward with the work.  We very much hope to be able to conclude the work this year and have another fabulous play area.

The work to upgrade the park is now complete and the park has reopened with the new equipment.   


Stones Manor Play Area.  

The council has decided to withdraw the request for ownership of the pay area on Stones Manor Lane as the site was not suitable for further development and it was best left with CWaC to maintain 

If you have any comments or suggestions about play provision in Hartford, we will be launching a village survey in the summer.  Please let us know what you would like to see in place for Hartford children.