Project Title: 

  • Pavilion Refurbishment

  • Updated 14 December 2021

Project Aims:

    • Develop the Greenfield facilities by providing  modern accommodation for a wider group of residents.
      • Refurbish the old sports Pavilion.
        • Provide three modern units for local clubs to use.
          • Cycle Hub 
          • Plotters 
          • Other groups 

Project Team:

    • HPC Clerk

      • Hazel Catt


      • George Garbett  Jane Taylor

      Hartford Allotment committee 

      • Are assisting the development of the Pavilion  

Project Location:

    • The Green field 

      • Building by the road on the righthand side. 

Project Details:

  • The parish council is keen to develop all its buildings to allow the maximum use and benefit by the residents of Hartford. 
      • The project will give a minimum of three groups the opportunity to have a base to work from.
      • Building will have
        • Three separate rooms for activities.
        • Access to utility area
          • Water
            • Hot & Cold
          • Facilities to make drinks
        • Disabled access 
        • Toilets
          • Including a disabled toilet  
      • The project will allow further development of the “Green Field” area for the benefit of all the residents in Hartford. 
      • Once completed it will also provide support for events on the Green Field.   

Barriers to progress:

  • Covid-19 is making it very difficult to pull teams together.
  • Location is difficult to get large delivery vehicles into. 
  • The building is in a poor state and needs a lot of work in order to provide the sort of facility that is expected. 
  • Difficulty in finding builders to take on the work during Covid-19. 
  • Building costs  

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: April 2021

Status: Started 

Estimated completion date: March 2023


  • March  2021
  • Building alteration plans are being developed. 


  • March 2021
  • Costings are being prepared for submission to the HPC for agreement. 


  • December 2021
  • The original plan has been changed and the building will be developed to a much high specification. This will bring the building back into full use to a wider group of residences and be a real assist to the village once again.  
  • HPC has agreed to use Crowd funding via Cheshire West Spacehive  to support the development of the pavilion . 
  • We need your support, please use the link above to make a pledge if you are able to support the village pavilion. 
  • Crowd funding is now completed and the target of £74,000 has been achieved thanks to the support by the local community.   

Progress: 30 March 2022

  • The project has been handed to a company to develop all aspects to bring it to tender. Once completed the project will be added to a national list of projects as is required by government.
  • 4/10/22 Project has gone out to tender.      

Progress: 14 November 2022

  • Tenders have been received 
  • Meeting on the 14/11/22 a company has been selected to carry out the work.
  • It hoped that work will start early 2023.       

Progress: 16 January 2023

  • Work on the site has commenced.
  • We hope to keep the path open during the work but would ask everybody to take care around the site area.         

Project dates:

  • Project has an estimated delivery date of March 2023