Project Title: 

  • Parishioners Orchard

  • Updated 10 February 2021

Project Aims:

To plant a fruit orchard for the parishioners of Hartford.

  • A selection of fruit trees.
    • Apple
      • Desert and cooking.
    • Pair
    • Plum
    • Cherry
  • Parishioners will be able to pick the fruit when its in season. 

Project Team:


  • George Garbett,  Jane Taylor, 

Hartford Allotment committee 

  • Are assisting the development of the Herb Garden  

Project Location:

The Green field 

  • On the side and to the front of the pavillian. 

Project Details:

The parish council is keen to develop all the areas of green space to get the maximum of use by the residents of Hartford. 

  • The project will provide fourteen additional trees. 
  • All trees will be on “Bush” root stock, which will provide small tree development which will enable residents to pick the fruit.   

Barriers to progress:

  • Covid-19 is making it very difficult to pull teams together.
  • Location is difficult to get large delivery vehicles into. 
  • Concern about the water logged ground and how the trees will cope with the conditions.  

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: November 2020

Estimated completion date: March 2021

Status: Completed 


  • November 2020

Plan has been developed and agreed for 14 trees. 



  • November 2020

Costings have been submitted to the HPC and agreed. 

Project dates:

Project has been delivered in December 2020

Project Summary:

The project is now complete and all tree are establishing themselves with some already flowering. We will hope they will all survive and grow well and produce fruit, although this will probably not happen for a couple of years. 

The trees will be labelled so you will know the type of fruit the tree will produce. 

Hartford Parish Council hopes you all enjoy the orchard space and produce they will provide for many years to come.