Project Title: 

  • Parishioners Orchard

  • Updated 10 February 2021

Project Aims:

To plant a fruit orchard for the parishioners of Hartford.

  • A selection of fruit trees.
    • Apple
      • Desert and cooking.
    • Pair
    • Plum
    • Cherry
  • Parishioners will be able to pick the fruit when its in season. 

Project Team:


  • George Garbett,  Jane Taylor, 

Hartford Allotment committee 

  • Are assisting the development of the Herb Garden  

Project Location:

The Green field 

  • On the side and to the front of the pavillian. 

Project Details:

The parish council is keen to develop all the areas of green space to get the maximum of use by the residents of Hartford. 

  • The project will provide fourteen additional trees. 
  • All trees will be on “Bush” root stock, which will provide small tree development which will enable residents to pick the fruit.   

Barriers to progress:

  • Covid-19 is making it very difficult to pull teams together.
  • Location is difficult to get large delivery vehicles into. 
  • Concern about the water logged ground and how the trees will cope with the conditions.  

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: November 2020

Estimated completion date: March 2021

Status: Completed 


  • November 2020

Plan has been developed and agreed for 14 trees. 



  • November 2020

Costings have been submitted to the HPC and agreed. 

Project dates:

Project has been delivered in December 2020