Project Title: 

Parishioners Herb Garden 

Updated 9 January 2021

Project Aims:

To plan a herb garden for the parishioners of Hartford.

  • A selection of herbs are to be planted in raised beds.
  • Parishioners will be able to cut a selection of fresh  herbs. 

Project Team:


  • George Garbett,  Jane Taylor, 

Hartford Allotment committee 

  • Are assisting the development of the Herb Garden  

Project Location:

The Green field 

  • On the righthand side of the path by the allotments 

Project Details:

Barriers to progress:

  • Covid-19 is making it very difficult to pull teams together.
  • Location is difficult to get large delivery vehicles into. 

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: November 2020

Estimated completion date: March 2021

Status: Ongoing


  • November 2020

Plan has been developed and agreed for 5 beds. Weed control and stone chippings will be added to the site. 

Some additional planting is being considered in between the planters, bush type plants like Hydrangeas but this will depend on funding available at the time. 


  • November 2020

Costings have been submitted to the HPC and agreed. 

Project dates:

Project is hoped to be delivered by the end of May 2021 but this is very dependant on Covid-19 restrictions .