Project Title: 

Covid-19-Community Support 

Updated 14 February 2021

Project Aims:

The purpose of this Working Group is to develop initiatives aimed at supporting residents during the COVID pandemic. It is intended for Hartford residents who are in need of help. Recipients must be a Hartford resident, i.e., living within the Hartford boundary and paying Council Tax (directly or via support services). Businesses based in Hartford can also be supported.

That it is to be used to support needs that arise primarily from the pandemic.

Project Team:

Parish Councillors
Robin Hunter; Jane Taylor; Olivia Newey; with advice from Rita Hollins

Hartford Parish Council Clerk
Hazel Catt

CWaC Councillor
Patricia Parkes

Neighbourhood watch & Homeinstead
Gil Martin

Hartford Business Community
Michelle Phelps

Snow Angels
Holly Thompson, Emma Burrows

Making Space (Carer Support)
Haley GaylardRees

Project Location:

Hartford Parish

  • Parish wide initiative

Project Details:

The aim of the group is to provide support to Hartford residents and businesses to cope with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, Home support for children in respect of home learning and isolation. Assistance to all residents in need to help with isolation & mental health. General home support in respect of lockdown such as obtaining prescriptions and shopping. Hartford business support regarding encouraging residents to use local businesses.

Barriers to progress:

  • Identification of residents and businesses needing assistance.
  • Unable to access information from possible sources due to GDPR.
  • Delivery of assistance with social distancing.

Project Progress: 

Key activity’s:

Start Date: January 2021

Estimated completion date: Unknown at this stage. 

Status: Completed 

    • 11th January 2021: Hartford Parish Full council virtual meeting appoints councillors to the group and approve an initial allocation of finance for use before the next meeting of full council.
    • 15th January 2021: Initial virtual working group meeting to appoint Chair, agree terms of reference and to discuss ideas.
    • 19th January 2021: Virtual working Group meeting, welcome representatives from Snow Angels and CWaC Councillor Parkes to the group further discussion of ideas and possible delivery methods.
    • W/C 24th January 2021: 40 Tablet computers and protective covers supplied to Hartford schools for issue to pupils without equipment to participate in on-line learning.
    • 26th January 2021: Virtual working group meeting to finalise an action plan to put before Full council meeting for approval and funding.
    • 8th February 2021: Chair of the working group presented the action plan to council for approval. Carried
    • 9th February 2021: Virtual working group meeting welcomed Haley GaylandRees to the group representing “Making Space” carers assistance. Then to progress the action plan now funding has been approved.
    • 12th February 2021: 6 Tablets have been procured to be issued to the Alzheimer’s Society for issue to Hartford residents to take part in their group activities (such as “Singing for the Brain”) and communication exercises.
    • 12th February 2021: Procured 10 Sensory Tents to assist families with children with extra support needs.
    • 18/02/21 : Sensory tents collected for distribution to Hartford Residents by “Tiny Steps”
    • 19/02/21: Activity books received donated by HomeInstead for inclusion in the Activity packs.
    • W/C 21/02/21: Leaflet providing support details for residents issued with Hartford Life
    • 22/02/21: 6 Computer tablets collected for distribution to Hartford Residents by The Alzheimer’s Society.
    • 23/02/21: Virtual working group meeting held to discuss:-
        • Compilation and distribution of a local business directory.
        • Home activity packs for both children and adults who are isolated.
        • The practicality and Costs involved in possibly developing a Hartford Business Website with on-line ordering capability.
    • 02/03/21: Virtual meeting held to:-
        • Agree on contents of activity packs.
        • determine how to add recipients for activity packs.
        • Discuss options for Mental Health support training.
        • Obtain a Hartford business owners update.
        • Get progress report on the Hartford Business Directory and Internet project.
        • formulate a plan to support Northwich Community Support with their support to Hartford residents.
        • Agree to provide financial support for the painted rocks initiative currently being operated in Hartford.
        • Agree an updated action plan and costings to put to full council on 8th March.
    • 08/03/21: The Chair of the working group presented the updated action plan and costings to council for approval. Carried.
    • August 2021:
      • The activity packs were distributed through a variety of voluntary agencies and were well received by both young and old. There remains some of the allocated funds to complete the last part of the project plus a small fund to provide for unexpected emergencies.
      • Following the relaxation of restrictions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic the project is almost complete, we are just waiting for the Hartford Website and on-line ordering project to be completed; as this is also reported under the Hartford Business Community project it is time for us to end this project in the hope the pandemic does not return to blight the community again.
      • This project was so successful that it was felt the structure of the support organisations coming together should remain as a permanent organisation probably meeting a couple of times per year unless circumstances dictate otherwise. This will be the “Hartford Community Support Group”. We would welcome input from residents on any area they feel needs this new groups attention.

Robin Hunter (Chair Covid-19 Community Support Project)”