Scam: Don't be a victim

Help with Hacked accounts (from National Cyber Security Centre)

Recovering hacked accounts, A step-by-step guide to recovering online accounts. Whether it’s your email, a social media account, or your online bank, losing access to a digital account can be stressful. This page summarises what you can do to minimise any damage, and how you can regain access to your accounts.

The financial conduct authority

The financial conduct authority offers support and guidance on SCAMs. With details of types of SCAMs used in bank fraud and how to protect yourself.  

You bank will most likely of advice and guidance about scams and how to protect yourself and what to do if you think you have been scammed.

It is worth noting they will expect you to follow this guidance.

It should help to prevent the attempted fraud.

Help to get your money back.   

Check your online banking web for help.