Scam: Don't be a victim

Software and Remote access to your PC,Tablet or Phone.

Tip: Only use software from a known supplier like Microsoft, apple, google. They all have verified platforms for the software that virus free.  

Antivirus software: Make sure is set to auto update and its running,if its advising you there is a problem think very carefully before you override its advise!

If you get a warning that there is a update required for any software,  investigate it, up date it and find out why its not set to auto update.   

When you load any software to your equipment you are allowing the software package to make changes to the software already installed, YOU are giving it access! Always take great care when adding any software to your system that you know where it comes from. “What its says on the outside of the tin may not be what’s in the tin”

This is especially true with free software, you may load the package and it will probably work but the people who put the package together may have added all sorts of things that you did not ask for. As a result you could need professional software to remove it. 

Tip: Remote access software is VERY VERY dangerous. Tech Support SCAMs (Watch a video)  are common so be ultra cautious if someone send you software to load or asks you to amend operating files on your PC. Once they have access, you have allowed them to control the PC  and access all your files, install spyware, copy your files, the list of things is long and can be very painful to recover, if it’s possible to recover the system.    

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