Our Police support team

One of Hartford Parish Councils key working partners is the local PCSO and the team that support the officer.   

PC Peplow

PC: H Peplow

I would like to introduce myself as your local neighbourhood Beat Manager. I cover Hartford and Greenbank local area. I have been in police for over 4 years with most of my service as a response officer covering Winsford and Tarporley. I am looking forward to getting to meet the residents of Hartford and being a part of the community and tackling the problems. My message about what I do is simple, I will be there for your local policing needs, provide reassurance and visibility. Address your community needs and will proactively targeting those individuals who commit crime.

PCSO Simon Donnelly

PCSO: S Donnelly

I joined Cheshire constabulary in 2022 as a PCSO and I am looking forward to working in the
community of Hartford and Greenbank.
I am looking forward to working with the local community and partner agency’s helping with any
local issues and getting to know the community.
If you see me out and about, please feel free to come and have a chat.

three police officers

Sergeant: L Brundrett

Sergeant Brundrett controls a number of initiatives, Safer Streets being one of them.   

Contact the Police 

Make contact with Cheshire Police via the Police website. Use this link

If its an emergency please call 999   

News from your PCC

One of Hartford Parish Council’s key working partners is the local PCSO and the team that support the officer. The team are enthusiastic and committed to dealing with residents’ concerns and have a number of initiatives in place, one of them isSafer Streets: Working together for even safer streets in Cheshire

This is a collaboration of all parties to focus on issues in the community with the aim of involving YOU, wherever possible, to highlight issues and behaviour that’s not acceptable. If it’s safe to do so, not standing by if someone is being abused, needs support or help. The police can’t be everywhere and want you to be their eyes and ears, report things that seem unusual or something that’s out of place.

The Police are supporting a Mobile App called Hollie Guard which contains a number of  useful safety features, one of which is to raise an alert with your location to a predefined contact if in danger, there is an option to enhance this option, plus options to record instances of criminal behaviour like Assault, Domestic Abuse, ASB, Harassment, Bullying etc which can then be reported  via the App. It is a commercial product but the basic option is free.

HPC is committed in its support to the “Community Safety Charter” where we all have a part to play in saying NO to unacceptable  behaviour when we see it. This App support this and allows users to report the issue using both audio and video evidence.   

The police team are very interested in your views on the issues you see in Hartford and the surrounding area,  both concerns and successes. In order to do this a survey has been developed called Resident’s Voice” The aim is to give the team direct feedback on the issues we have, with the location of the problem. This approach allows the team to focus resources on the areas that matter to YOU, stop problems escalating so we all see the benefit. 

Remember we all have a part to play, use the survey to highlight issues.

“Take the Survey”

We all have our part to play in making our village a safe place for everybody.  


PCSO monthly report to HPC

We all need to remember that the crime level in Hartford is low compare with many areas, our PCSO and the team are working very hard to reduce areas of concern to improve the quality of life in the village for everybody. 

One area of crime that’s is increasing nationally is online crime “SCAMS”. Organised criminals are increasingly focusing on this type of crime and we all need to be aware and stay vigilant if we are to stay safe. HPC have put together a support page to inform and guide you to information that will help and hopefully give you a location to go to that you can trust,  where you will easily find information if you need help or the worst happens.

Click onScam Advice “