Planning Committee Meeting – 6 April 2022

The next meeting of the Planning Committee, which has been delegated to make decision on behalf of the Council on planning matters is being held in Hartford Village Hall on 6 April starting at 7pm.

 The papers will all be available in Dropbox on our website  –





Public Participation

There is a ‘Public Open Forum’ session at the beginning of the meeting where you can raise issues about planning applications or other planning matters with the Councillors.  It would be helpful if you could contact the Clerk if you plan to attend, especially if you wish to speak – or 01606 784401 as the time usually allowed is limited to 15 minutes in total with each individual given 3 minutes to raise their issue.

Although COVID restrictions have been relaxed we would still ask you to wear a face covering in the entrance hall, practice social distancing and use the hand sanitiser.