Pétanque and Boccia

In Hartford

Hartford Parish Council is installing a New Pétanque/Boccia court at the rear of the Village Hall. The aim is to encourage people of all ages to take part in social activities. Although the new court will be funded by the council they will be looking for a “Pétanque/Boccia Club” to be established which will take on the organisation and management of the space with the support of the Parish Council. 

The space being allocated is a quiet area at the rear of the Village Hall by the tennis courts and the tree lined lane. The Parish Council will assist in developing the facility with the Pétanque/Boccia club once it is formed.      

If you are interested in the sport of Pétanque or Boccia and would like to be involved in the club , please let the parish clerk know by using the council Contact Form . Please state what role you would like to play in the new club, a member, organiser or be part of the team who run the club.

Please remember this is a sport for all age groups, young and older residences of Hartford.