Parishioner Action: We need your Help?

Hartford Parish Council is keen on getting parishioners involved in supporting our Parish. We are aware the community has skill sets out there that could support the Parish Council when making decisions or with projects. If you feel that you can support the council with advice or your time in a skill area we need please contact the Clerk via Email:

Building Trades:


Building Surveyor



Painter & Decorator 

Window fitter   

We are renovating the old football pavilion and would like to get a professional opinion on the structure of the building. 

We are changing the design layout of the building to make it disabled friendly, both for access and toilets. Assistance with the design and layout would be of great help.   

We will be able to support the cycle hub, plotters and one or two other groups in the building once it is completed. 


Ground works 

Raised beds construction


Herb Plants

Flowering bushes  

We are developing a herb garden for the Parish. Herbs will be planted in large raised beds.

We are also planting bird friendly flowering bushes.

Why not join HPC email list?

HPC has decided to compile a list of residences who are happy to receive information directly from the Council. This method of contact will only be used to provide information the Council feels will be of interest or where the Council is requesting information on a decision they are considering.