Hartford Parish Council is keen to engage with residents who would like to support local groups and organisations by offering support.

The support sought and offered is varied.  Any time you are able to offer really can make a difference to the success of an activity or event, or even whether it takes place.  The Council is aware that within the community there is a wide range of skill sets which could  benefit groups with specific project requirements or when they are making decisions. 

If you feel that you can volunteer your time and/or advice, please complete the details below.   For queries, please contact the Clerk: clerk@hartfordparishcouncil.org.uk / 01606 784401

Contact number that can be used at any time
Please list the areas you would like to volunteer to support
Please provide skill set details, ie architectural, engineering, legal, other

Thank you for offering your support. We will contact you as and when your preferred volunteer offer is matched. We will provide you with further information about the requirement and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss and consider if you are still able to support.

PS.  Why not join HPC email list?

By joining this list, you will receive information directly from the Council. This method of contact will only be used to provide information the Council feels will be of interest or where the Council is requesting information on a decision they are considering.