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New Rotary club opens in Northwich

Community spirited residents are being urged to join a brand new Rotary club in Northwich and use their skills to help improve the lives of others. Fresh thinking members from the local community are being sought to join the new Rotary Club and become part of an exciting volunteer led organisation.

The formation of this innovative club is part of Rotary’s new approach to
ensuring clubs are more flexible and accessible for those wishing to join, with a particular emphasis on attracting young business and professional people and members of ethnic groups.

Tom Dickerson said: “We are looking for people who can bring with them a
range of personal and professional resources and skills that will strengthen the clubs’ ability to successfully help communities at home and overseas. “Many people want to give something back to their communities but the old format of the clubs made it difficult for some to commit to regular meetings. This new club takes a much more flexible approach which will hopefully mean more people can join this fantastic organisation. There are many opportunities for everyone, from mentoring youngsters, helping raise funds for good causes, creating family events to helping those in need overseas. There are some misconceptions about Rotary but the truth is our members are extremely active people who not only give back to their communities, but have a lot of fun whilst doing it. People make new friends, build business contacts, develop their personal skills and try things they would never normally have thought of doing. Rotary really is an organisation that can open doors.”

The club is ultimately looking for at least 20 members from all professions, businesses and local community leaders. The inaugural meeting of the new club will be held at The Coachman, 286 Chester Road, Hartford, CW8 1QU on 6th November 2019, from 7.30am to 8.30am.
For more information please come along or contact Tom Dickerson – or 01606 782880.