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We all live in a ever evolving technical world and it seem like we are asked to learn  new gadgets  every week.

The aim of this page is to provide helpful tips in using technology. 

It is not a comprehensive guide but we hope you find some of the tips useful.  

Digital Legacy

Most of you will have digital data in the form of photos, videos and documents held in the cloud. This information is all held safe and secure by businesses like Apple, Google, Microsoft, dropbox and I am sure there are many more who offer cloud space. This is a great place to safely store information of all types, but what happens to it if you die? 

Some Tech. companies now have systems in place to make sure your loved ones can access your photos, files and other assets after your death.


Introduced in autumn 2022, Apple devices now allow you to nominate a legacy contact.
Once nominated by you, the legacy contact will be given an access key, which they would need to present to Apple – along with your death certificate – in order to gain access to photos, videos, calendar events and other items from your Apple account that you may want preserved. Passwords are excluded from this and will not be released as part of this process.

Click here for more instructions from Apple:


Google has a well-established similar process – the Inactive Accounts Manager.
Again you nominate a person, or people, that you want to have access to your account. You can choose which elements of your digital life in the Google ecosystem you bequeath to them. And if you don’t log on to your account for a certain amount of time then they will have access to your digital life.

Google Legacy: Inactive Account Manager

You can get an access key in lieu of a password. You can print it out with your legal documentation, and then, along with a death certificate, the person you’ve nominated can unlock your digital life.

Never share your passwords with anyone in life or indeed in death.

But what you DO need to do is make sure that people know where to look.

Download the digital legacy leaflet  :  BBC  “Rip off Britain” 

The above information is from the BBC website


At this time Microsoft  have not made such arrangements but you can find support by using this link “Microsoft_Access


Dropbox have a process to follow in order to gain access to the deceased data by using the link  “Dropbox_Access