Hartford Parish Council car parks

Find out about the Village Hall car park and Bradburns Lane / Grange park car park.

Village Hall Car Park

Location: 244 Chester Road, Hartford, CW8 1LW. See further location details

The main car park in front of the building is for users of the village hall only. 

Parking for the Bowls Club and Tennis Club is to the left as you enter the car park.

Parking for the tennis and bowls clubs only

Bradburns Lane car park (also known as Grange Park car park)

Location: Bradburns Lane, Hartford. See further details

The car park, and the rest of the land known as Grange Field, is owned freehold by Hartford Parish Council but is subject to a covenant to use it as ‘a public open space recreation ground or parish hall’. Copies of the covenant are available from the Land Registry, No CH684843. 

Hartford Parish Council has engaged the services of National Parking Control (NPC) to manage the parking restrictions on this car park. This car park is for valid users of the Grange Field facilities only and does not support parking provisions for local businesses, educational establishments or private/public dwellings.  

  • Facilities for the public on the Grange Field include the playground, other activity equipment, and the green area. Dog walkers should avoid the area of the cricket field. Visitors may park in the car park without an e-permit whilst using these facilities.
  • Facilities for groups include the Cricket Club, the Scout Club and any lessee(s) of the Grange Field. Organisers / leaders / support teams of these groups may apply for an e-ticket [contact the Group for details]. Parking in the car park for drop off/pick up only for these groups does not require an e-permit.

Non-valid parking denies valid users the opportunity to use the facilities and, at times, creates an unsafe environment for both pedestrians and drivers.

Hartford Parish Council has no involvement in the management of the car park in respect of ticket issues.

Frequently Asked Questions for Bradburns Lane car park

Do I need a permit to park?

You do not need an e-permit to park, providing you and/or whoever you are with, are using the park facilities.

What are the park facilities?

The playground, activity equipment and the green area.  As long as you, or whoever you are with, is using the facilities, including strolling or dog walking around the green area, you are a valid user. 

I live outside Hartford, can I use the car park?  

Anyone who is using the facilities is welcome to park in the car park regardless of where they live.  

I want to visit with my children/grandchildren. Do I need an e-permit?

An e-permit is not required if you are using the park facilities.

I’m going with the kids to use the playground. We might go off into the village to get something to eat and drink, bring it back and continue playing?  Will I get a parking ticket/fine?

If you are parked whilst not using the facilities, then a ticket/fine may be issued.

How do I get an e-ticket?

E-permits are available for members of the Groups who operate on the Grange Field, i.e. Cricket Club, Scouts and any lessee(s). Please contact the relevant group to see if you are eligible.  

Do I need a parking ticket to drop off/pick up children attending the Cricket Club/Scouts or other activity related to the park facilities?

You do not need an e-permit to drop off/pick up for these groups.

I drive my kids to the playground and let them have a run around whilst I stay in the car doing some work. Is this ok?

If you are accompanying someone who is using the park facilities, then you are a valid user.  

The Grange School car park is full. Can I park just to pick up my child?

As a non-valid user of the car park, you could receive a ticket/ fine.

Can I park up and wait for my children coming out of school and then go to the park with them?  

Until you or anyone you are with are using the facilities, you would not be a valid user. You could receive a ticket/fine.

Can I park there at night?

If you’re not using the facilities, you could receive a ticket/fine.

I have a blue badge, can I park for free?

There is no charge for anyone to park in this car park. Currently there are no blue badge bays in this car park. If you’re not using the facilities, you could receive a ticket/fine. 

When the ice cream van is at the car park, we stop to buy some.  Is this ok?

The ice cream van is not a park facility. If you just get an ice cream and are not using the facilities then you could receive a ticket/fine.