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The escalation of the country’s response to the outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus) came just as we were about to go to press with the April 2020 edition of Hartford News.  Hartford Parish Council has taken the decision not to publish this edition; it is also likely that those planned for May and June will not be published.  Hartford Parish Council regrets that this decision has had to be made but, under the circumstances that currently prevail, it is unavoidable. The only other time, since it was first published in October 1973, that there has been an unscheduled break in the publication of Hartford News was in November 1990.

There are two main reasons for taking this decision.

Of the eight pages of copy prepared for the April edition, five relate to events that are now cancelled or postponed.  These include the Agenda pages, as well as a forthcoming art exhibition and the Village Fun Run.  Of the remaining content, some will appear when Hartford News returns, while details of proceedings at the meetings of Hartford Parish Council can be obtained from its website.

The other consideration is the distribution of a paper copy of Hartford News to almost every home in the village.  Not only could this run the risk of unintentionally spreading the virus, but several of our volunteer distributors are themselves over seventy years of age (or in other vulnerable groups) and, therefore, being urged to remain at home.

Although we cannot be sure when we will next be able to publish an edition of Hartford News it is hoped to do so before the summer break.  In the meantime, you are encouraged to keep up to date via the Parish Council’s website, the Hartford News social media platforms, and the Hartford Life Facebook page.





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Stay safe.

Chris Poole

Editor, Hartford News