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Welcome to Hartford Bowls Club page. We are a community bowls  club based in central Cheshire.

Hartford Bowls Club is a very old and well established club.

Crown Green Bowls is a fun and engaging sport that provides great benefits to players of all ages. Firstly, the sport provides a low-impact physical workout, resulting in improvements to overall health and fitness. Additionally, the game requires balance, concentration, and precision, which can enhance mental acuity. Socially, playing Crown Green Bowls promotes teamwork and communication among players as well as fosters new friendships within the local community. As a non-contact sport, people of all abilities can participate and compete equally, which increases inclusivity. Finally, the outdoor nature of the game promotes exposure to the outdoors and more opportunities for fresh air. Overall, Crown Green Bowls presents a range of advantages not only for health but also for social well-being.

Five reasons to play bowls from “Bowls England” 

We believe everybody should realize the joy and benefit of playing sport, and there are so many reasons why bowls is ideally placed to unlock these fantastic advantages. Here are our top 5 reasons to give bowls a try:

1. Playing bowls is very doable. 

Whatever your physique, bowls is a sport for everybody and it will help improve your fitness levels and mental wellbeing.

2. Bowls is not expensive. 

To get going you don’t need lots of new kit and clubs put on taster sessions for free. Even when you get the bug, a set of bowls and joining a club can cost as little as £90.

3. After football, bowls has the second highest number of clubs in the country. 

With so many places to play, it’ll take no time at all to get to a bowls club close to your home.

4. Compared to most sports, age and gender differences have less of an effect on a game of bowls.

So it’s a perfect sport to spend time and enjoy a bit of friendly competition with your family.

5. Bowls clubs are sociable places full of people looking to have fun.

So bowls is a great way to relax, make new friends and feel part of your local community.

Would you like a “Taster” game? 

Contact: email: secretaryhartfordbowls@gmail.com

There is lots of information on the “Bowls England” web site.

The rules are very simple for all age groups.  

The Rules of the Game

Like boules on the beach or a game of skittles, it’ll take you no time to figure out the basic rules of the game.

Bowls is played on a square of grass called a green, which is divided into lanes called rinks.  Players take turns to deliver their bowls from a mat at one end of the rink towards a small white target ball, often referred to as the ’jack’, situated near the other end.  The bowls are shaped so that they take a curved path towards the jack, known as the bias.

The aim of the game is to get your bowls closest to the jack.  One point is given for each bowl nearer the jack than the nearest bowl of your opponent.  For example, if you or your team has three bowls closer to the jack than your opponent’s nearest bowl then you will score three for that end.

Each game is split into individual ends.   After playing all the bowls in one direction and agreeing the score, the next end is played back down the rink in the opposite direction.  The winner of the previous end will cast the jack.

There are different formats of the game. You can play singles or as part of a team, and a match can vary in lengths.  The winner can either be the one who has scored the most shots after a specified number of ends or the first to reach a designated score.

Would you like to be come a member of the club ?

Contact: email: secretaryhartfordbowls@gmail.com

The bowls club is a very welcoming club and happy to accept new members. 

Please Note: The Bowls Club in Hartford is an independently run club. All enquiries must be made via the Bowls Club contact links and not via the HPC clerk. The clerk will not be able to assist you with your enquiry. 

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