Hartford's Herb Beds

The herb beds by the allotments on the Green Field have been provided by the Parish Council. The aim is to give all residents of Hartford access to fresh herbs when in season. The beds are maintained by the Council but all the hard work is done by volunteers who have a passion for fresh food.  

The beds contain various herbs, ranging from the traditional mint and horseradish to less familiar herbs which people may like to try, such as sorrel(a lemony alternative to spinach).
The beds are numbered 1 – 5, starting from the Chester Road access to the footpath with Bed No 5 being close to the ‘dog-tap’.
Please select the herb bed link below to find out which herbs are planned or growing.

Please remember the herbs are for everyone so only take what you need.
There is no guarantee that a particular herb will be available as it will be on a “first come first served” option.

Click on the image to find a little Oasis in the middle of Hartford

Prior to consuming any herb or plant, please ensure it is safe for YOU to eat!