Community Safety Charter

Hartford Parish Council are committed to addressing Antisocial behaviour (ABS) in all its forms. The council has been working with the Police and the local PCSO to address the problem with varying degrees of success. The recent survey we carried out highlight peoples concerns with ASB in our parish. It is a complex issue to deal with as most instances are random and would need a lot of Police resources to deal with it.

So what is the Community Safety Charter?

The aim of the Community Safety Charter is to involve a wider range of local organisations, charities, businesses and groups in crime prevention activity and extend the scope of this work towards a goal of eliminating harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation experienced by anyone who lives, works, studies, or visits anywhere in England and Wales.

The Community Safety Charter is a means by which Neighbourhood Watch members, local residents, businesses, and organisations, agree to do whatever they can together to provide an environment that is safer for everyone, and help us to meet this goal.


We can all “say no to harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation” when we see it, take some action to report or help if its safe to do so. we don’t have to accept it as something we have to put up with, we can take action.

Neighbourhood Watch is all about looking after yourself and your neighbours, in Hartford we are all neighbours and we ALL have a common enemy of harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation.

The aim of the charter is to make people aware that everyone can play a part in dealing with harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation, saying yes to the charter affirms your commitment to act and not just be a bystander when you see harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation happening. 

Remember we can all stay safe and still do something to help a individual or stop behaviour that’s not acceptable. 

Hartford Needs You

Why sign up to the Charter?

  • Individuals will feel safer because they know the whole community is looking out for them, which can have a profound effect on their well-being, feelings of safety and confidence
  • No one wants the fear of harassment and intimidation in their community. Signing up to the Charter sends a clear message that this behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated by your organisation or group
  • You will have a clear role in empowering people in your organisation, group or community to do something positive to prevent these crimes in their neighbourhood
  • You will be creating a more positive, safer environment where you work or live
  • The collective power of a wide range of local community members, all working towards a shared goal will have a much greater impact than working individually
Safety Charter poster