Age friendly Cheshire West

Age Friendly Hartford

Why has Hartford Parish Council made a pledge to make hartford more age friendly? 

Pledging to be Age Friendly means that the local parish is committed to ensuring that their community is a welcoming and inclusive place for people of all ages. This can have numerous benefits for older residents, such as access to local services, support, and opportunities to take part in social activities and events. By creating age friendly infrastructures and services, older people can feel more integrated into their local community, reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. An age friendly community benefits everyone living within it, not just older people. By creating an environment that values and supports older residents, younger people can also learn about the experiences and needs of older citizens in their community, building stronger intergenerational connections, and promoting a greater sense of community cohesion.

What's Happening in Age Friendly Hartford

"Know Our Place" is the theme for 2023

Each year on 1st October, people across the world mark International Day of Older Persons. This is an initiative by the United Nations to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges faced by ageing populations, and to mobilize the wider community to address difficulties faced by older people. The national theme for International Day of Older Persons this year is ‘Know Our Place’. The theme encourages people from all age groups to come together to celebrate and discuss the past, present and future of their local area.